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Get a Cash Offer on Your Home

Atlantic Shores Home Buyers is a professional real estate company that routinely purchases Long Island homes for cash. We specialize in making the home selling process easy and rewarding for you.

Whether you’re experiencing a foreclosure, facing expensive repair costs, or just looking for a change, we’ll purchase your home for cash. As an experienced Long Island real estate company, we’re familiar with all regional markets and the market values of these homes. Selling your home to us is a breeze.

Selling your home for cash saves you the hassle of having to hire a realtor and pay all of the associated fees. Closing costs, commission and other incidental fees can add tremendous unnecessary stress and many expenses to the process, without offering any advantage. And, keeping your home on the market for long periods of unsuccessful selling means paying taxes and utilities until further notice.

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The Process

At Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, we have great respect for your time and your home. Selling your home to us for cash is a simple process-- and one that ends with you holding the money you need to take the next step.

Fill Out the Form or Give Us a Call

Let us know that your interested in selling your home for cash. We’ll schedule a time that works for both of us, and do some preliminary research about your neighborhood.

We’ll Stop By

After we work out a convenient time, we’ll check out your home. One of our qualified home buying agents will evaluate and appraise your home.

We’ll Make You An Offer

Now that we understand what we’re working with, we’ll sit down and calculate a fair cash offer. We don’t beat around the bushes by charging closing or realtor fees-- we present you with one transparent number. It may be lower than a realtor price, but keep in mind that there are no complications.

From There, It’s Up to You

If you like our offer, let us know and we’ll prepare your payment! If not, that’s fine, too-- we’ll walk away without expecting any consultation or estimate fees.

What We Do Care About:

  • Fairly appraising your home
  • Helping you move quickly by making an on-the-spot offer
  • Delivering a prompt cash payment
  • Letting you be the decision maker

What We Don’t Care About:

  • The mess within or conditions of your home (trust us--we’ve seen worse)
  • Obligating you to an agreement
  • Complicating the process with realtors, lawyers, or other parties
  • Closing costs, listings, and the general hassle of selling a home

Get a Cash Offer Today

You deserve a fair, honest, market-specific price-- and we’re here to give it to you. If you’re considering relocation, and want a quick, easy way to obtain a reasonable price for your home, we’ll give it to you. Contact us at (631) 978-7653.